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The EARTHFALL (Sci-Fi/Action/Drama) sci-fi major feature film goes into production 2017.


Oblivion . Arrival . District 9

Logline: When the Earth comes under attack, humanity’s only hope is a down-and-out NASA Astronaut who must struggle to save the world in its darkest hour...


The FLARE movie production is set to begin principle photography production in Q3 2017. Announcements about the director and talent will commence during:

Toronto International Film Festival September 7 - 17 2017. TIFF
Runtime: 90 minutes

Apollo 13 . Gravity . Deep Impact
Action | Drama | Disaster
Logline: SOLAR STORM (Disaster/Action): When a cataclysmic Solar Storm threatens to blast the Earth and destroy the International Space Station, it's up to crack astronomer Jess Denver to team up with a commercial space company to fly up in their spaceship to deflect it ‐ but she is running out of time!
Distributor: TBA
Director: Ernie Barbarbash - IMDB
Talent: TBA
Producers: Centerboro Productions
Shoot location: GA Q 4 2017 

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