The EARTHFALL (Sci-Fi/Action/Drama) sci-fi movie goes into production 2019

Runtime: 110 minutes

Action | Drama | Sci-Fi


Arrival . Battle: Los Angeles . District 9 . Transformers

Logline: When the Earth comes under alien attack, humanity’s only hope is a down-and-out NASA Astronaut who must struggle to save the world in its darkest hour! 

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A Cool Film & TV Production Company

​​HELIOS movie production is set to begin principal photography in Q3 2019.

Announcements about more details including the director and talent will commence at:

Berlin International Film Festival

Feb 7, 2019 – Feb 17, 2019

Runtime: 115 minutes

Armageddon . Apollo 13 . Deep Impact . Gravity 
Action | Drama | Thriller
Logline: Commander Bobby Denver and his crew on the International Space Station are hit by a solar flare leaving them helpless. It is up to his sister, Astronomer Jess Denver to
team up with a commercial space company to save the crew!

International Distributor: Concourse Media

US Distributor: TBA
Director: Ernie Barbarbash - IMDB
Talent: TBA
Producers: Centerboro Productions LLC
Shoot location: Atlanta GA Q 2 2019

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